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The Natural Wooden Bed Base


The Wooden Bed Base: “Your sound sleep foundation”

Strong and sturdy, stylish yet affordable; this stunning bed base is made from solid pinewood with a touch of natural finishing and modern style.

Made with 100% natural solid pinewood, the bed base does not contain any toxic paint so you can sleep through the night with peace of mind. Not only our natural solid pinewood is safe, it’s also very sturdy and durable. Having 9 support pillars, the bed base ensures that your mattress remains balanced and can hold up to 250 kg

Inspired by a combination and mixture of Australian and Japanese design, this pinewood made bed base represents modern, simplicity, clean and will be making a statement for your bedroom.

Features & Specification


Modern classic design 9 support legs---extra sturdy and durable. High quality solid wood bed base construction Non-toxic paint – odourless and environmentally friendly Allow storage underneath

Product Specifications:

Single  : 102L X 193W X 30H

King Single : 117L X 208W X 30H

Double : 147L X 193W X 30H

Queen : 163L X 208W X 30H

King : 193L X 208W X 30H

Colour: Natural Frame

Material: Solid Pine Wood

Slat Material: Timber

Assembly: Required

Customer Reviews

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The Natural Wooden Bed Base


So after losing my package with my bed frame, i found out that the 'bed base' is absolutely not Idyll design at all and its actually coming from eliving furnitures.
looking on their web founding out that its so much cheeper than what Idyll asking for, second reading the bad reviews about this frame.
now when im looking on all the 5 stars review here i get that its all fake as they all been written on the same day. long story short, the people who actually received my package were dope by calling me and inform me. so finally i got it. put it together, and pretty much the worst the pieces not sitting perfect and when its actual full assemble, looking good but wobbly that every movement i actually not sure for how long it will survive. well i think the price in the real company who makes it make sense why its so cheap. i was in touch with the company through facebook as the number who they publish not exist, whoever wrote me back was lovely but didnt feel it resolve anything . its such a shame as im such a big believer in supporting small local companies, but so far all what i feel is that i have been scammed. no problem to out source from different companies but be honest about it, like common this days people will find the truth pretty fast. i never wrote a bad review before, and its feeling crap. but its better people will know. saying that im only talking about the bed base and not the mattress.

5 Stars!

I have 5 mattresses at home and tried to place one of those in this frame. Was surprised that it matched. You can never go wrong buying this one.

Hassle-free transaction

Received the item on time. Transaction is hassle-free! Thank you idyll


Never seen a frame design like this. I love the simplicity.