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100 Night Trial Terms & Condition

From 1 February We are no longer offering 100 Night Trial.


Returning your Idyll mattress and still within the 100 Nights Trial from orders before February 1? No worries, just follow our easy-peasy steps below.

If in the unfortunate instance that you didn't share the same adoration that we have on our Idyll Mattress and find yourself just feeling 'OK' with it, we are welcome to process a return plus a guaranteed full refund. You are not daydreaming, we can do that for you mate as long as it stays within the bounds of our 100 Nights Trial footprint. Here goes:

  • We highly encourage you to at least try the Idyll Mattress within 30 days after purchase before you lodge a request for a return. Succumb to the beauty that is the Idyll Mattress within the comforts of your own home, wait until the 30th day and if still dissatisfied, contact us immediately. We will be sad for sure, but we will definitely assist you accordingly.
  • The 100 Night Trial counting will start as soon as you received the mattress.
  • This policy is limited to one (1) mattress return only (per household address/registered individual). If an order includes more than one (1) mattress, the customer may only return one (1) mattress.


  • The Idyll Mattress is a premium product and as your retailer, we are expecting it to be in good condition. Please be careful with it not to have unnecessary stains, observable drool remnants and mysterious smells. Take care of our baby as it will take care of you. 


  • Idyll home reserves the right to refuse a full refund in the event of physical and/or structural damages as a result of non-standard consumer usage of a mattress including, but not limited to, stains, burns, tears, cuts, or liquid damage (spills, soiling) resulting from inappropriate use by the customer.


  • Kindly prepare all the necessary paperwork, parts and accessories (if applicable) so that we can breeze through processing your full credit.


  • We trust that you will be responsible on keeping the Proof of Purchase or Official Receipt as those will be needed for the refund request. Please, please, please keep those!


  • Take a photo of the Idyll Mattress, or a video, attach it on an email that you will send to contact@idyllhome.com.au with the subject 100 Nights Trial Return – (Your Name). Or for faster transactions, you can call us at (03) 7035 0616 though we strongly advise that you still take photos or videos as we will still be asking that from you.


  • All e-mails received will be attended to within 1-3 business days upon receipt and we will provide feedback if the return request is eligible. All calls answered will follow the same turnaround time.


  • We will only process the refund to the person who originally purchased the Idyll Mattress as seen on the Proof of Purchase/Official Receipt. The promo is not transferable.


  • The Idyll Mattress will be picked up by our chosen partner charity straight from your house address. Further instructions about the pick-up will be given to send to you on your chosen e-mail address.


  • The refunding of the amount will start as soon as the mattress pick-up is done. Refunding of the amount will go directly to your chosen method of payment upon purchase on our online shop. Refund time frame will take 24-72 hours, but may vary depending on your bank’s refund policies.


  • All returned Idyll Mattresses will not go into waste as we will donate them to our partner charities. Let’s convert your frustration (hoping there won’t be any) to a good deed through donating.

100 Nights Trial Exclusions

The 100 Night Trial offer does not apply where you have damaged the Idyll Premium Mattress by using it in a way that was unreasonable, for example if you have damaged or misused the mattress either by accident or intentionally or damages arising because you have neglected to use a protective cover, position the mattress on a suitable base or adhere to instructions for the proper care and cleaning of your mattress.

100 Night Trial offer does not apply when the mattress is purchased on SALE.

100 Night Trial does not apply where the reason of the return is due to the height or weight of the mattress as it is stated on the website before the purchased is made.

Excluded damage includes but is not limited to odours, stains, mold and/or mildew, smoke or water damage, soiled or unsanitary mattress, burns, rips, tears, damage from an unstable, contamination from bodily fluids and use of

Damaged or substandard base

Slated Base / Flat Surface Base

The base must have no more than 7.5cm slats apart for 

King Size Mattress : Must have 2 supporting Beams in the middle with 4 legs. 

Queen Size Mattress: Must have 1 supporting Beam in the middle with 2 legs.

This offer is for original purchasers only 1 Mattress per household trial. Mattresses sold outside of the Idyll Home website do not qualify for the 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Note: Customers who have returned mattresses from a previous order are not eligible for subsequent free trial offers.