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Better Materials, Better Life , Better Planet

Our materials are environmental friendly. whether it be sustainable bamboo or latex tapped from trees, a certified eco-friendly high density foam. These premium materials are comfortable on your body and your conscience.


100% Sustainable Bamboo Fabric

Sustainable Bamboo Fabric

               The 21st century sparked what happens to be the best revolution that the human race have gotten into---‘going green.’ It is not until every one of us noticed the destruction being made to Mother Earth and so conscious efforts have been pitched to assuage carbon footprint of the products that we consume. Idyll Home took this matter into great consideration upon the creation of the Idyll Mattress, hence, we felt that using bamboo fabric is just the right path to take.

               Bamboo is a widely used plant in the production of paper. Years and years of usage paved way for the bamboo plant to also be a pliable material for fabric. Gaining traction in the fashion industry, bamboo fabric nowadays is even a cost-savvy replacement to silk since both are similarly soft and luxurious to the touch. Bamboo fabric are all natural, coming from the pulp of the bamboo grass which is put into scrupulous processes until thin fiber threads are achieved. These wonder threads are then woven into clothing, spun and dyed to what was desired.

               On a more scientific level, bamboo fabric is known to contain a bio-agent called “Bamboo Kun”, especially when the bamboo plant had been grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers. The aforementioned bio-agent keeps the textile anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The bamboo fabric used on the Idyll Mattress also contributes to the insulating benefits of the Cooling Gel, making your sleep more cognitive than ever. The insulating capacity of the bamboo fabric adjusts to the ambient temperature and a natural UV protectant. Also, bamboo fabric is sweat absorbent, keeping unwanted odor and moisture at bay.

Organic Dunlop Latex

               Sapped out of rubber trees, latex is a compound that is usually in liquid form. It is dubbed to be natural as it is truly natural. After some meticulous processes, the latex will then be a durable material exuding comfort. Natural Latex layers are known to be the most resilient amongst other mattress layers as it has the capability of holding its shape.

               We will use the word ‘natural’ again as we are delighted that the Idyll Mattress is anti-fungal and anti-microbial---the natural latex responsible for that. If you are a mom worried for your family’s sake against allergies and unwanted irritations, then Idyll Mattress is just the perfect choice!

7 Zone Pocket Spring

 One of the many features that clients look for whenever they purchase a mattress is the zoning system used. For the Idyll Mattress, we are proud to say that we have used the coveted 7-zone pocket spring technology because your health and comfort is very important to us. Zoning and spring systems are simply explained as the ‘support’ used and mapped out across the whole mattress which dictates how it will react to the weight being put upon it. There have been many claims on as to what is the best zoning and spring systems to be used but we firmly believed that the 7-Zone Pocket Spring is impeccable.

               The Idyll Mattress used the pocket spring technology which are designed to contour to the shape of your body. If you are using the mattress as a couple, it is observed that the individually wrapped coils will be distributing weight distributions resulting to undisturbed sleep despite movements. No matter how many tosses and turns you make, the pocket springs will do its magic in keeping your sleep as unruffled as possible.  

               We have coupled the pocket spring technology with the 7-zone option only because we want you to get the best of both worlds. Regarded as the most advanced form in the zoning technology, this feature boasts seven zones of physical support which results to optimal alignment and contour of your body while laying down. The seven zones of support are (1) Head and Neck; (2) Shoulder and Upper Back; (3) Lumbar; (4) Pelvic; (5) Knee; (6) Lower Leg and (7) Foot and Ankle. You can only imagine how great it is for your mattress to seemingly caress every point of your physique.

               On a more detailed perspective, each zone is responsible in providing awesome health benefits.

·        The Head and Neck zone alleviates neck pain.

·        The Shoulder and Upper Back zone is usually softer so that your shoulders will be in cloud nine as you sleep on your side. The benefit is to attend to any soreness found in the neck and shoulders.

·        The Lumbar zone is the firmest of the seven as it is vital to provide optimal lower back comfort. It is a known fact that 40% of the body weight is being carried by our midsections, and so it is just to give attention to the lumbar area. This zone gives a curve that is fitting to your back and keeps your spine from sagging. The firmness of the Lumbar zone prevents your midsection muscles to become strained and tensed. Any unnatural position of the lumbar area equals lower back pain and stiffness.

·        The Pelvic Zone is in support to the Lumbar Zone as it gives off pressure point relief and better alignment of the spine.

·        The Knee Zone is said to be of the same firmness as the Shoulder and Upper Back zone which is focused to keep your lower legs relieved from all day’s walking or standing.

·        The Foot and Ankle Zone works the same way as the Head and Neck Zone, only it attends to relaxing your lowest extremities, ankles and feet.